Water Extraction Basement Flooding Clean Up With Carpet Cleaning Vernon BC

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At Carpet cleaning Vernon BC We also specialize in H20 Extraction due to basement flooding and or hot H20 tank failure. We have over 40 years of experience With carpets And flooding specially in the Okanagan area due to a high water table . As we all know in the Okanagan area floods often when we get lots of rain and all we can do about is just clean up the mess it leaves for us. 

Flooded basements can give you problems for years to come If not correctly dried up. You can get black mold if not done correctly . We have mobile H20  extraction units ready to serve you.

These units are self sufficient. So even in the case of a failed electricity supply Carpet cleaning Vernon BC can get the job done and keep loss to a minimum . 

The Drying Process 

After calling us we dispatch a unit to your property And we will begin the water extraction as soon as possible as well as install emergency drying equipment to manage the humidity and prevent further damage . Once we get our hypervelocity fans installed In the area where it needs to be dried we will keep a close eye on the drying process Once The area is dried we will give you a formal report so you can give it to your insurance company so you can get your money back . 

Sometimes this drying process can take some time to complete. It all depends how much H20 was in your basement. But Either way we will make sure it is completely dried before we take our equipment out. We want you to be satisfied and we want the insurance companies to be satisfied. And once that is completed then Carpet cleaning Vernon BC will be satisfied Rest assured we are here to help you.

We have helped many different styles of buildings Including lofts shops schools offices nightclubs hotels boats Almost anything that holds water We can clean up and dry out so call us today!!