Rug SHAMPOOING Vernon BC How to maintain your RUG

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Carpet Shampooing Vernon BC sponsored by Clean F/X. No matter how well you maintain your rug From day to day it is crucial to have your rug professionally cleaned from time to time. Also you do not want to wear bare feet because you will leave oils behind on your carpet which in return will attract the dirt.


Rug Shampooing Vernon BC Area Carpet
Rug Shampooing Vernon BC Area Carpet


Also a good idea is not to put your rug in a high traffic area Because that carpet in that area will be worn down Quite fast and Be Dirty quite often. To minimize the dirt and mud coming in contact with your carpet. Try your best to wipe your feet and have your guests wipe their feet as well and remember always wear socks If they have bare feet have an extra pair slippers around for them to wear.

All tips are from rug shampooing vernon bc

It is very important to vacuum your rug quite often This will be removing mud and dirt from your carpet instead of it being ground in deep In return when your carpet is getting cleaned it will help the professional cleaner do his job good for you.

Staines now there is a big one everybody’s spills Liquid’s on carpets. When this happens you want To clean that part of the carpet fast using a solution of vinegar and water thus helping the professional once again do his job correctly for you. Rug Shampooing Vernon BC maintenance is the only way to go.

In addition to vacuuming your rug on a regular basis and or your carpet You want to spray Protectors On your carpet on a regular basis as well. The protective layer wears down overtime be sure to re apply it.

No matter how well you maintain your rug or carpet It’s always best to hire a professional carpet cleaner Like carpet cleaning Vernon BC is a good start we have been in business for over 40 years and we will be happy to help you out In getting your carpets clean.

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