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Here at Carpet Cleaning Vernon BC Also do Auto Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning . So if you have us at your home cleansing your carpets. You might as well get us to do your car or truck or boat which ever you may have or all 3.
We want to help you with the cleansing of your home and have a good impression on your friends or family. Hey another good point Is to have all your furniture moved before we get there. This will cut down in costs help you save money. 

Also do your motorhome or RV . There is one thing about automobile upholstery cleansing, Your car always represents how you are with cleanliness . So let’s get your vehicle cleaned or RV or boat .

Carpet-Cleaning-Vernon-BC-Auto Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet-Cleaning-Vernon-BC-Auto Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning Automobile Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning  . We have many products to help you out and some good tips .

Now there is many all purpose cleaners that exist out there that can replace many cleaners . Many of these cleaners Are in your garage So why not put them to use.

For example. All purpose leather cleaners General upholstery shampoos carpet shampoo’s . Using the right all purpose cleaner along the some tools will not only provide better results but make  cleansing jobs that much easier.

What you will need  

The following products and tools will help you with the  cleaning of your car upholstery.

Auto Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning