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Carpet Cleansing Vernon BC is sponsored by Clean F/X. We have been in business for 40 years. We use biodegradable solutions to keep our environment clean. If you have animals you should have your rug steam cleaned at least once a year. And even if you don’t you should still have all rugs steam cleaned once a year to keep the beauty of your rugs.

Stains are a big issue as we all know animals do you have accidents on our rugs these need to be addressed immediately. So using vinegar and water solution It will help the rug cleaner do his job well. And when we come to do your rugs it will make it that much easier for us to be successful for you. Rug cleaning vernon bc can make a difference to your home! Steam Clean Carpet Today

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Carpet Cleaning Vernon BC Logo

It all has to do with rug maintenance. Your rug is no different than a vehicle It needs its maintenance as well If you do not do that you will have less Carpet life. Because they do have a life expectancy as well. So by doing your maintenance correctly, Your carpet will have a long life. Steam Clean Carpeting Today

We are your rug Doctor we know best when it comes to your fuzzy floor and we want you to have many years of use of it.

It’s not just animals that have accidents on our rugs, us humans have many accidents probably more then our animals. Because we do spill drinks. kids spill drinks to. Again you need to address this immediately to help our professional steam clean carpet cleaner do their job right. 

Not only do we do rugs, but we also do furniture upholstery cleaning along with boats and RV cleaning. We can bring our mobile steamer clean rug  unit to you wherever you may be.

Whether that being a boat to clean, or your RV to clean we have many different specialized  applications to service you. We also Do Vehicle upholstery cleaning.

As we all know the Okanogan does flood. And we can have you covered here as well with water extraction. We will bring our mobile unit to your location to help clean up the water also hot water tanks when they flood your floors we can help you there as well.

So I hope I educated you people a little bit on carpeting maintenance. Once you start your maintenance, your carpet will have a long life and please do call us once a year to come clean your carpets.

Steam Clean Carpet
Steamer Clean Carpet 


Steam Clean Carpet Before and After Carpet Cleaning Vernon BC
Steam Clean Rug Before and After Carpet Cleansing Vernon BC

Steam Clean Carpet Vernon BC